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Have you ever wondered how to get into shape, lose weight without doing a starvation diet and spending countless hours doing boring cardio?

Michael Tartaglia felt the same way. He was reading the books, listening to the talking heads and doing what they said should be done. But Michael still remained 45lbs over weight. Had constant pain in his back and knees. He was visiting the chiropractor once a week. He was beginning to think that he was just destined to be that way.

That's when Michael developed the Training Revolution System. This system not only changed Micheal's life. It has changed the life's of hundreds of his clients. 


Michael Tartaglia is a fitness and fatloss expert. He has authored The 15 Minute Kettlebell Burn and has customized training programs for clients training at his facility as well as his online clientele. Tartaglia is a results driven fitness professional.

Tartaglia is a dynamic, high energy trainer. He connects with his clients with his down-to-earth speaking style as he tackles topics on fatloss, building lean muscle and nutrition.

Michael provides clients with useful fitness advice on his YouTube page. Tartaglia also encourages his clients to engage with him via Twitter.

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