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This is healthy to eat right!

If found this article disturbing. How many people around the world are doing this to themselves and their kids. We and our future generations are committing silent suicide.  This is why I do this. I want to make sure everyone has a fighting chance to live a healthy and fit life. It does not take more effort or time to be healthy then to be unhealthy. Lets work together to fix this.

 Here is the article

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#1 Truth to Fat loss

Fat loss is a committed mind set. What brought you to your current situation, whatever that could be, will NOT enable you to get from it. You Will need to change — be it removing the foods that are causing the problem, exercising a bit more, handling the stress in your life, to having far better sleep behavior.

You do not succeed in fat loss if you can’t COMMIT to change. It is just not going to happen.

Trust me on this! I have been there. It may possibly suck initially for you. You may miss some of your favorite foods. But it’s going to all be worth it. And have confidence in yourself to face and tackle this challenge.

Want  to have someone in your corner! Helping you bob and weave through this journey. Contact me!!


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Saturday Chisled

Saturday Chiseled

Saturday Chiseled is a resistance band cardio class that is designed to drive performance and helps get results fast. By the time that we are finished your muscles will be worked to the max, you will be sweating, and best of all you will have burned tones of calories in 20 minutes.

Suspension Thursday

Suspension Thursday

Suspension Thursday is for everyone looking to gain a lean body. We will shock your body into new levels of fat loss while totally transforming your body. We will work all 600 muscles in your body in 30 minutes. The more muscles that are worked, the more calories you’ll burn. Which gives you the perfect equation for a strong lean body.

Tuesday Kettlebell



Kettlebell Tuesday- is a very effective fat-burning, cardiovascular workout. Kettlebell training involves using complexes that incorporate multiple body parts at once for a high calorie-burning workout. With the proper training, kettlebells can improve core and full body straight while burning up to 600 calories in 20 minutes. This is why Kettlebell training can help you burn fat, build muscle, and increase strength and stamina and has become an increasingly popular exercise program.

Monday Mayhem



Monday Mayhem are short in duration, functional movement training. Monday Mayhem is for people of all ages to develop fitness in all areas including endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. Monday Mayhem workouts incorporates exercises from body weight, resistance bands, kettlebells and suspension. It is a perfect fit for athletes, firefighters, police officers, busy professionals and even stay-at-home moms who want to reach their fitness goals.